Computer Laboratory

Computer Laboratory

IT and Computer Laboratory is a means provided by the Faculty in enhancing the ability of Landscape Architecture Students in the world of Information Technology (IT) and Computers, especially in the mastery of Computer Design Applications.

Computer Design applications that will be given to students of the Department of Landscape Architecture are:

  1. Design application uses Auto Cad.
  2. Design application using Adobe Photoshop.
  3. Design application uses Corel Draw.
  4. 3-Dimensional Design Application Using Master Landscape and Punch Home Design.
  5. 3-Dimensional Animation Design Application Using Autodesk’s 3-D Max.

In addition, students can use facilities and access the internet using Wifi for a full 24 hours without interruption with speeds reaching 1 Mbps, plus currently, the Information Technology Laboratory (IT) and Computer Faculty again prepare devices and equipment to Academic Online so that students will be more facilitated to access information and administration online and quickly, both academic problems related to assistance with lecturers.  teachers, about college textbooks, and academic value.

Currently, there are as many as 30 units of computers that have the capacity of Core2 Duo E8400 Hardware with NVIDIA 9800 GT Graphics series VGA can be accessed directly by students using each student’s password.

With this IT and Computer Facility, it is expected that Landscape Architecture students can answer future job challenges that will all be based on IT and Computers.

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