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UPT Faculty Libraries Landscape Architecture and Environment Technology

UPTF library of FALTL-USAKTI is part of the work unit in charge of collecting, processing, storing and caring for, and serving to borrow and returning library materials as an important source of information for scientific progress and improving teaching and learning outcomes at the Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Technology. The FALTL – Usakti library is responsible for managing the information sources it has in the best possible way so that the library can be used effectively by all academics, especially lecturers and students of FALTL – Usakti.


FALTL – Usakti Library is at Ged. K. 5th Floor Campus A with an area of ​​about 96 m2 and managed by 1 librarian and 1 administrative staff.


The Library Collection of the Faculty of Landscape Architecture and Environmental Engineering consists of:

  1. Books (textbooks, handbooks, encyclopedias, dictionaries, standards, etc.) totaling 3800 titles, 5100 copies.
  2. Scientific journals and magazines, both subscribed and awarded with 20 titles.
  3. Final Project about 1500 titles and 1500 copies
  4. CD collection of books, journals etc. about 100 pieces

The scope of the library’s collection includes various sciences related to education, teaching and research in the fields of Landscape Architecture, Environmental Engineering and Planning Engineering.


The library uses an open service system (Open access systems) which allows every visitor to access information/library materials on the bookshelf. The arrangement of books on the shelves is arranged according to the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) classification number 22 of 2003. The services that the library can provide are:

  1. Loan Services

Borrowing library books only applies to students, lecturers and employees of FALTL – Usakti . Books that can be borrowed home are textbooks that have more than one copy.

  1. Photocopy Ordering Service

The library provides photocopy ordering services for visitors who need it at the FALTL library.

  1. Online CD-ROM Service

Online CD-ROM is a search service and providing information in the form of scientific journals that are subscribed to on CD – ROM by the Usakti Central Library. This Online CD – ROM index/abstract can be accessed from the Faculty Library.


Only FALTL students, lecturers or employees can become members of the library. To become a member, prospective members must fill out a membership activation application form which is equipped with 1 (one) photocopy of ID card and 2 (two) photographs measuring 2 x 3 cm to be submitted to the Usakti Central Library (Building M. 3rd Floor).

Library membership can be canceled if:

  1. No longer registered as a FALTL – Usakti student
  2. Students are declared to have passed.
  3. Student resigns
  4. Students get DO (drop out)
  5. Library members do not obey the rules and regulations that apply.


  1. Opening Hours

The library is open every working day with the following conditions:

Monday to Thursday

Open: 08.00 – 20.00

Break : 12.00 – 13.00


Open: 08.00 – 20.00

Break: 11.00 – 13.00

  1. Visitor Rules
  • For the safety of library collections, every visitor is not allowed to bring bags, folders and jackets into the collection room. A locker is provided.
  • Each visitor is required to fill out a list of library visitors through the computer provided.
  • The library room is a place to read and study. Every visitor is obliged to participate in maintaining peace, order and maintaining the cleanliness of the library room.
  • Every visitor is not allowed to eat, drink and smoke in the library.
  • Visitors who do not comply with the Code of Conduct are welcome to leave the library.
  1. Loan Regulations
  2. Borrowing procedure
  • Every FALTL student automatically becomes a member of the library.
  • Books to be borrowed are handed over to the officer for processing and stamped with a return deadline.
  • Books borrowed are the full responsibility of the borrower and may not be loaned to others.
  1. Loan Amount

Library members can borrow a maximum of 2 (two) titles for ordinary students and 4 (four) titles for lecturers and students who are working on their Final Projects.

  1. Borrowing Time
  • For students, the loan is valid for 7 days. If no one has ordered, it can be extended a maximum of 1 (one) time.
  • For Usakti employees (lecturers and administrative staff) maximum 2 (two) borrowings are made by reporting to the circulation officer.
  • Thesis/Thesis/Dissertation and Reference collections (handbooks, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.) cannot be borrowed and may only be photocopied.
  1. Sanctions
  • A fine is imposed on all borrowers who are late in returning books from a predetermined time limit of Rp. 500/book/day.
  • A delay of 15 (fifteen) days will result in a written warning in addition to an administrative fine and if ignored, the membership can be canceled.
  • Lost/damaged books must be replaced with the same book, or replaced with money as much as 3 (three) times the price of the book at that time.
  • Sanction provisions apply to all Library Members.
  1. Loan Free

For students who will take part in pre-yudisium, they are required to request a loan-free letter provided by the faculty library, then validated and numbered by the central library.


Head of UPTF Library : Tri Yuniarti, S.Sos

Library Staff : Agus Wahyudi

To find information on the collection of the FALTL Library, please click http://www/