Environmental Laboratory

Environmental Laboratory

Various studies related to environmental pollution, both water, air and soil environments and whether it concerns pollutant control, wastewater treatment (WWTP), clean water supply, solid waste treatment and others must be supported by accurate measurements for each pollutant parameter.

Measurements are carried out using various tools and pure chemicals or called proanalysis (p.a) because in general the parameters measured are mostly chemical. Measurement or analysis can only be carried out in an environmental laboratory, although there are several parameters that can be directly measured in the field, but still must use the tools and chemicals provided by the laboratory.

Measurement methods for each parameter such as for wastewater, for example: COD, BOD, TSS, TDS, heavy metals and others are carried out in accordance with established and standardized procedures.

Accuracy is needed in every analysis carried out, so that the results obtained are accurate and can be accounted for. Inaccuracy of results can lead to wrong conclusions and of course not desirable.

Environmental Engineering students who in their curriculum receive theories about environmental pollution should also be given the skills to measure or detect pollution through various measurements and analyzes of pollutant parameters carried out in the laboratory. In this case, in the Environmental Engineering Study Program, Environmental Laboratories I and II are available which function as follows:

  1. Provide guidance and training or practicum to fourth semester students to be able to analyze samples of water, air, and solid waste;
  2. Provide facilities for final year students in conducting research for their final project;
  3. Provide services to people who want to analyze their well water, industrial wastewater or to determine the effectiveness of existing WWTPs;
  4. Environmental Laboratories can also collaborate with research institutions, both government and private, to jointly conduct research related to environmental pollution